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Colorado Gold Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the few Colorado Front Range companies well-equipped to service and repair boiler systems in Castle Rock, Parker and Littleton, CO! Hot water boiler systems are a great source of heat because the zoning characteristics allow separate heat control for different areas of the home. In addition, boilers retain moisture in the air (unlike a furnace). Regular maintenance and cleaning of your boiler is important to maintain its efficiency and decrease operating costs.

A properly installed boiler system should be quiet:

  • Do you hear banging noises from your pipes? If so, there could be air in the circuits which may eventually result in no heat from the baseboards;
  • Do you hear percolating noises from the boiler? This probably means there is either air in the boiler or the heat exchanger is corroded. In either case, a service call is warranted.

Our Gold Tip – Baseboards:

In addition to a properly operating boiler, the condition of the baseboards is important. When water runs through the radiant baseboards, cold air is drawn in from the bottom and heat is released from the top. Any damage to the fins, missing components or air blockage can considerably reduce your baseboard heat. For best efficiency, be sure your baseboards are open and free of pet hair or other debris.

Don’t live with hot/cold zones any longer! Call us today to service your Castle Rock, Littleton or Parker boiler system, or baseboards.

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